Banners & murals

We can create a wide variety of exhibition and display materials beyond the exhibits themselves

Banners & murals

We have banner and display materials which we use with a solvent printer whose inks are much more durable for handling and for hanging inside or outside. We also produce materials for wall and window information display in galleries and museums, for print and book fairs which is also very suitable for temporary art installations. 


There are plenty of  companies offering these kinds of materials, —classic sign-printers would be an example—but we offer something different. Our command of color firstly. We take what we know form fine art printing and apply it here too. So you can be absolutely confident that your art will look as good on these temporary materials as it does on your fine art prints. Secondly we specialise in working with museums and artists so we know the concerns; attention to detail, exceptional standards and getting it on time for the installation. These are things you can take for granted with us.

We offer these services;


—Vinyl banners

—Tyvek banners

—Window displays


—Backlit films

—Japanese Scrolls

Banner project, North Brooklyn Runners and NYC Parks for the NY Marathon 2018
Grommeted vinyl banners with ventilation holes McCarren Park Brooklyn,

Vinyl & Tyvek banners

Classic banners for advertising and announcements of exhibitions and events. These are also highly suitable for trade-fairs, outdoor signage, flags and anywhere where an announcement or image need to be hung. The are very suitable for grommeting and taping to make highly professional display. We can put wind vents in them when the flow of air needs to be maintained to prevent wind damage.

We can add;

  • — grommets
  • — air vents
  • —pockets top and bottom
  • —taped seams


Vinyl banner grommeted and taped for New York Society Libary
Vinyl banner grommeted and taped for New York Society Libary

Wall wraps​

Wall wraps much like vehicle wraps are a made with a heavier grade vinyl that can be moulded to the surface using a heat process. This enables the vinyl to adhere tightly to a wall and to fill in cracks and crevices in any uneven surface even bricks and mortar. This can give the appearance of being painted directly onto the wall.



These are excellent for indoor and outdoor murals when the impression of a painted wall is the desired effect.

Wall wrap installation at Rough Trade, Brooklyn
Wall wrap installation at Rough Trade, Brooklyn

Window clings and clear vinyls

Window clings are different from adhesive clear vinyls. Clear vinyl has adhesive on the reverse which although transparent is not fully clear and therefore less attractive for window displays than Window clings. Clear vinyl however is very good for applying to any surface where the background color needs to show through. Window clings work without adhesive and are attached to a window through static cling. This can be aided by the addition of water which provides a super clear film between the window and the work allowing full visibility and assisting in the removal of air bubbles. However window clings cannot stick to any other surface than glass.

Static window cling is printed in reverse and adhered to the inside of a window
to make text that is readable from the outside
Graphic printed on clear adhesive vinyl

Phototext reposition-able wall mural material

We particularly love photo text wall murals because they are so easy to hang. The vinly is lightweight and has a low tac adhesive that makes it easy to lift up and smooth down, making any minor error in hanging easily correctable. It’s also has one of the more attractive surfaces due to it’s slight texture that gives a pleasing, velvety, semi-matt surface that still has great contrast and color rendition. 

These murals are intended for indoor placement only and are best suited for surfaces that are clean, dry and flat.


Photo text mural in our studio, the image was taken from a 72dpi NASA/JPL jpeg of the fly-by of Pluto
Phototext has a slight canvas like texture which gives it a semi-matt appearence
Graphic printed on phototext wall mural for the New York Times


We have poster paper in matt, semi matt and glossy that is highly suitable for temporary display. This material can be displayed indoor or outdoors and is capable of being wheat-pasted  just like any billboard. This material or any material printed on the solvent  printer is not archival. Great for movie posters or band announcements they will last as long as any conventional printing like baseball cards and old books but they are not intended for museum quality art. 


Poster paper
Prints of Nasa/JPL travel posters



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