Copy camera

We use a copy camera set up for simple inexpensive capture of small works. The advantage of copy stand photography is that the angle of the light can be manipulated to reduce or eliminate reflections on glossy works.

Copystand photography

Copy camera photography is very fast and while we do some color adjustments the standard is lower than for scans. This helps reduce processing time and keeps cost low.


  • Inexpensive 16″ x 20″ original and smaller
  • Highly suitable for capturing large numbers of small works quickly and cheaply
  • Bulk order discounts are available
  • All photo are 300 dpi@100% scale and suitable for printing upto 400% enlargements
  • Proof print of each file is included.
  • Textured works, fragile works, works in books and works whose materials make them unsuitable for placing face down on glass can be captured this way.
  • All shots are color corrected to reflect 100% accurate reproduction of a calibration swatch.
  • Delivered tagged with the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile.
  • Multipart photos to capture larger works are not possible on the copy stand.
  • Minimum turnaround: 2-3 days.


$50 per single shot

5+ shots $30 each

10+ shots $25 each

20+ shots $15 each

See it in action

Play Video

Casey operating the copy camera to archive some historic photographs.



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