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File upload page

File uploads

If you want to send us a single job or multiple jobs and their related shipping details please download our ‘Multiple upload form’ in Excel or CSV format. Which can be opened in any spreadsheet software or uploaded to Google Sheets.

We only accept the following file types;.tif .tiff. jpg .jpeg and .pdf

Notes on uploading files;


i) Small files can be emailed but please be aware that the email program may reduce the size of the file in order to be able to mail it


ii) We recommend for transfer of large files. When using please use the email as the alternative will not work. This is an issue with weTransfer not our domain.


iii) For users of the Chrome browser downloads may be blocked. If so please see this Google help page


iv) If your security settings are to have downloads blocked on your browser, or you are behind a corporate firewall you may not be able to download this file. In such cases you can hit the csv button which will deliver the same text into a browser window. Copy and paste the text into a spreadsheet program and you will have the same form.


iv) Please be sure to fill out the column labelled ‘Image URL’ to let us know where we can download the files. 


v) By sending us your work to print you are agreeing that you are the copyright holder of the work or that you have the permission of the copyright holder to make prints of this artwork. 


We will ask to see evidence of permission for those who are not copyright holders. 


Please see our Terms of Service.


Due to the prevalence of Ransomware attacks we have reluctantly decided to remove our file uploader. If you wish to submit any job please send us an email with the details and separately submit the files through any of the file transfer websites such as Google Drive, Drop Box, WeTransfer etc.

Turnaround: Generally we will respond within a few hours of your job submission. Proofs will take 24 hours from the acceptance of the quote and prints will take 24 hours from acceptance of the proofs




We only accept the following file types;


.tif .tiff. jpg .jpeg and .pdf




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