Mounting & stretching

We mount prints on to a wide variety of rigid and semi-rigid substrates for framing later or for exhibiting.

Mounting & stretching

We do not offer framing but we do offer a mounting service. This is where prints are attached to a rigid substrate either as a precursor to framing or as an alternative type of hanging. The process is fully archival with acid free sheet adhesives being laminated onto to the print and the substrate instead of using a heat press which can damage delicate giclée prints. The substrates are fully archival and can have a brace attached which includes a cleat for hanging directly on the wall.


We surface mount prints on to a variety of boards  and substrates. We also facemout prints to plexi. This is where the print is adhered to the reverse of a sheet of plexi to provide a stunning glass like finish. We stretch canvas prints over wooden stretcher bars much like a painter would for a traditional result. These are then suitable for hanging bare or framing and can be painted on to enhance or embellish.

We offer these services;

—Face-mounted prints

—Mounted paper prints

—Stretched canvas prints


Materials & substrates

The rigid materials we have Aluminium, Dibond and Sintra are intended for independent hanging and therefore can come with a brace. Materials such as archival foamcore, museum board and  3mm Sintra are intended for support within a frame as they are not rigid enough to keep flat even with a brace.


Non archival foam core is intended for short term exhibition and display or informational or non art pieces. Where longer term stability isn’t important and 0.5″ fomacore has excellent dimensional stability. It will not warp or bend.

Facemounted porint
Face-mounted print backed with 3mm sintra

Facemounted prints

We facemount with;

  • — 3mm plexi
  • — 4mm plexi
  • —Museum anti-glare plexi

Face-mounting to Plexiglass is backed with;

  • — Aluminum 060
  • —Sintra 1mm or 3mm
  • —Dibond 3mm

Comes with either;

  • — Aluminum z-clip
  • —Hardwood brace with french cleat
Aluminium mounted print reverse
Aluminium mounted print face

Surface mounting prints

Surface mounting to;

  • —Aluminum 060
  • —Dibond 4mm
  • —Sintra 1mm, 3mm or 6mm
  • —Acrylic (plexiglass) 3mm or 4mm
  • —Acid Free Foam core 0.675″
  • —Non archival Foamcore 0.5″ (suitable only for short term display)
  • —Acid free museum board 2ply, 4ply and 8ply


Comes with either;

  • — Aluminum z-clip
  • —Hardwood brace with french cleat
Hardwood brace for the reveres of mounted prints
Example of a hard wood brace with french cleat
Top to bottom;
Plexi 4mm,
Aluminium 060,
Sintra white 3mm and 6 mm,
Sintra black 3mm and 6mm
Top to bottom;
Museum board pure white 8ply, warm white 8ply, antique white 8ply
Museum board neutral grey 4ply, black 4ply, warm white 4ply
Archival foamcore black 0.25", white 0.25"
Non archival foamcore 0.25" and 0.5"
Artist Richard Kolker with Sintra mounted prints, KlompChing Gallery, Brooklyn
Prints by Julia Roshkow mounted on 8-ply museum board

Stretched canvas prints

We print on canvas and currently we have canvases in stock by Epson, Canson, Innova and Breathing Color. We have cotton and poly-cotton canvases we also have Belgian Linen. We stretch on Jack Richeson stretcher bars as we find these to be some of the best quality available. We stock two—the medium and heavy weight—which are 1.75″ and 2″ deep respectively. We currently stock bars only in lengths that are even numbers. So your image size may need to be adjusted to accommodate the height to width ratios.


We usually stretch prints with white sides though coloured sides and reflected images can also be printed. However clints should be aware that dark colors especially black on the sides will handle very poorly and degrade quickly. Canvas prints can be painted on with acrylic paints. If oils are used then a barrier layer of acylic varnish or medium is reccomended. We recommend Golden Isolation coat.

Stretched canvas print reverse
Stretched canvas print face



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