CMYK printed proof & separation for publication

These proofs are suitable for works that are intended for commercial publication such as in photobooks or magazines

CMYK printed proof for publication

These should not be confused with our standard proofing which we do for every print we make. These are specialist proofs intended for works that are to be printed by commercial CMYK printing.

These proof prints afford the opportunity for one or several rounds of color correction in the CMYK color space. To maximise control of final color before sending files off for publication in magazines, catalogues or photo books.


Please note; Although our methods and expertise remain the same the software we use has changed and we are no longer able to certify our proofs.


$35 per proof

Bulk order discounts and larger print sizes are offered, please ask for a quote.

Image top: Selections for “Re-visions” by Marcia Resnick published by Edition Patrick Frey.

Phyllis Donnely's book "Gravity is Stronger Here"
Which went through several rounds of CMYK proofing at Skink Ink