Retouching & Color Correction

We do all our retouching in-house that way there is always someone on hand to sort out any image problem small or large.

We are here to help

We want you to get the print you want and in many cases we will correct small defects and simple exposure or color issues at no charge for our print customers. Our rule of thumb is anything less than 5 minutes we will do as a courtesy to help you get the print you want. More substantial changes we will charge for and we have two rates (see sidebar). We bill in 15 minute increments and always offer a quote before we start. The client will receive a printed proof of the final for approval and the file on completion of the work.


We have three in-house retouchers

We dont skimp on equipment and only use calibrated screens that can display 99% of the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile. This means we can see on screen the vast majority of the colors we will get in the print, there is no disconnect as there can be with lesser equipment. Therefore we can see on screen what the image will print like and we can deal with problems long before we need to make a hard proof.


We have state of the art LED D50 viewing lamps. We also calibrate our screens and printers regularly enabling not only soft-proofing but hard-proofing of all our work. That way we ensure consistency and accuracy speeding up the process and giving better quality overall.

General: $100 per hr.

This covers minor alterations such as removing dust and scratches or backgrounds etc. Color correction, issues with exposure tone or contrast and minor image repair.

Expert: $200 per hr.

This covers extensive expert-level changes such as compositing and montaging, creative work and major image repair.

Kelly Beenman's 2017 book for Editions Patrick Frey was scanned at Skink Ink
Note the proofs placed on the original work for direct comparison and accuracy



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