Shipping & fulfillment

We provide a fulfilment service where we can print, package and ship works to you or directly to your client. Even from orders placed online.


The internet is changing the way the whole world does business and that is as true of the art world as any other. More and more artists are finding alternative ways to sell whether directly to the public, through social media, online galleries or their own websites. Even sales portals such as Square or Shopify.

We offer fulfillment and shipping services no matter where you are selling. This means that you can take sales on-line and sit back and let us do the work. We will print, pack and ship your works for you leaving you to concentrate on making art and promoting your career.


For a cost effective way of setting us up to handle your regular online sales check out our ‘Print On Demand’ service.

Domestic shipping

 We ship via FedEx ground and the basic rate is $20 for anywhere in the contiguous United States. This includes a small cost for packing materials. Shipping takes 24 hours for anywhere in the tri-state area and up to 5 days for the Pacific and Gulf Coasts.

International shipping

We use DHL or FedEx for international shipping and this includes Canada and Mexico. The rates vary so please ask us for a quote but a broad outline is:


Canada and Mexico


  • $40 for a 1lb International priority with tracking, priority mail with a tracking number.

Europe – Asia – Australia – Rest of the world

  • Europe: $50 for a 1lb International priority with tracking
  • Rest of the world: by quote.

Shipping time can vary but please allow up to 2 weeks for all international shipments. We are not responsible for taxes and duties charged by a country on importation of goods sent by us. We ship collect which means that sometimes items can be held in customs waiting for any duties to be paid by the recipient. While this is comparatively rare it does happen and cannot be excluded as a possibility.

Turnaround times will add from a day to a week to printing times, depending on the volume of orders submitted at any one time

Packing & shipping

In order to maximise professionalism of your shop we can add personalised items to the outgoing package. From “thank you” notes decals and other marketing materials. Certificates of authenticity are also possible. We can hold shipments for you to sign before we pack and ship. 


We ship flat or rolled though small prints are always sent flat. Flat packages are stiffened to ensure safe arrival and insured against damage or loss. Though shipping labels will be marked as coming from us we do not include receipts, packing notes or pricing information with prints sent. 

We can pack prints flat of rolled and will box larger items
Example of an insert with a personalised meaage to the buyer
All smaller prints ship in flat card stiffened envelopes



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