Fast track art printing

We offer discounts to customers who can provide us with files that are already set up to print. This means sized corrctly and with any borders included

Fast Track

It may seem counter intuitive for the faster service to be the cheaper option but heightened efficiency saves us time and work. By getting our clients to help themselves we can better help everyone. So if you are technically able or just on a budget our Fast Track service is aimed at you. We might call it the “no discussion” service as we find the biggest use of our time is communicating with clients over minor edits to files that could have been done before they reached us. With fast track we mean to keep these interactions to an absolute minimum. Therefore all submissions must be strictly online, all files ready to go, no discussion.

We require that you set the file up as you want it printed before submitting it. It should be sized correctly at a workable resolution (see the “file set up” page) and with any borders you may require—we print full bleed unless otherwise instructed. We will not edit any Fast Track files, we will simply bounce them if they do not conform to the specs that are sent to us in the submission form.

Our process

We require web submission for fast track jobs and that our job submission form is filled out to begin the process. Once we have received your files we check the specs and proof on screen and if there are no obvious problems we’ll go ahead and print them on proofing paper. This is to check for accuracy of color and issues of focus and resolution. We’ll email you when this is ready so you can then come in to check your proof or we can FedEx your proofs to you at additional charge. This first proof is free and if approved we will go ahead and print the final for you. Otherwise we will expect you to resubmit the file before we can go ahead and any 2nd round proofs required will be charged for. 

There is a 15% discount on the price of fast track prints that will be in addition to any discount for quantity. In any event the combined discounts cannot exceed 50%.

Turnaround times

The whole process takes 24-48 hours for a small number of prints or up to 2-3 days for larger quantities

Art: Print for Christo and Jean Claude, The Floating Piers