Photographing artworks

Studio photography is suitable for the capture of larger works such as paintings on canvas or works with textured or fragile surfaces

Photographing artwork

Studio photography is especially suitable for larger works but also for difficult works that need the maximum flexibility for lighting. Also fragile, heavy and vulnerable works are best captured with studio photography. The camera we are using has resolution equivalent to a medium format digital camera. Approximately 6 works can be done in a half day and 12 in a full day depending on the size and difficulty of the pieces. Highly glossy varnished works and those with a lot of texture are likely to take longer with fewer produced during the day or half day. We will quote on inspection of the artwork to be captured.


Additional services

  • – Retouching work to remove backgrounds or maintain the natural edges 
  • – Retouching work to alter the content remove defects of the work.

These are additional services and therefore may incur costs

Photo prices

$150 for a single shot

Day rate $1200

—We’ll give you an estimate of how many of your works we can do in 1 day

—Multipart images are possible,

—Bulk order discounts are avaialble.