Who we are
We are artists who work with artists,
and we offer a variety of art printing services

Art printing services

Skink Ink offer selection of art printing services. We are passionate about what we do and we have worked for famous international institutions and galleries such as the Serpentine Gallery in London and the New Museum and Brooklyn Museum in New York, as well as for icons of publishing such as the New York Times. We have worked for such established artists as Donald Moffat, Christo and Kehinde Wiley and we’ve also worked for literally thousands of artists and photographers to produce their work for exhibition or sale.

About the owner

Skink Ink was founded by Philip Riley, who is the lead retoucher, printer and the owner. Philip attended the Central St.Martins School of Art in London to study fine art painting in the mid-eighties and participated in the London’s vibrant art scene until he came to New York in the mid-nineties. Skink Ink is the culmination of several lifetimes’ experience in diverse creative fields. He has shown his own work internationally, worked from art handler to gallery director in private and public galleries, gone from production designer to retoucher in New Yorks’ advertising agencies, taught Photoshop Illustrator and indesign at Parsons school of  continuing education. For more than a decade he has devoted his time to making digital prints something that brings together all the of the strands of his previous interests and experiences.

We're artists too

As a company poilcy everyone who works at Skink Ink is an artist or a photographer. We all make and exhibit art and pursue their own visual careers. Therefore we speak the language of art and artists, we understand and share your needs and requirements, we go the extra mile because we know how much the small things can matter.

As practising artists we research materials and mountings that are interesting to us not because a supplier think’s it’s the next great thing. We go to the art fairs, the bienalles and to openings we see what other artists are doing. We’re a source of information and experience for people who are asking the same questions as we are—other artists. 

Post production suite
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