Prices for Fine Art Prints

We offer three ways to print at Skink Ink,
each with their own advantages and individual prices

We offer three ways to print

Fast Track

For the experienced and all reprints.

Full Service

For customers who want full support while printing.

Print on Demand

For galleries, businesses and artists with regular sales

Printing prices

We offer three ways of pricing which vary according to how much assistance you need with your work. Each of the them offers the same quality, uses the same pricing equation and is eligible for the same quantity discounts. 

  • Fast Track assumes that you can supply print ready files. In return we give a 15% discount.
  • Full Service means that you want the maximum assistance we can offer. For this we don’t offer a discount.
  • Print on Demand is available to clients who print regularly with us we give a set discount of 30-50% for highly active clients.

Click any of the three buttons above to learn more in detail.

All our prices follow a simple equation

(square foot) x  (quantity x (price per square foot)

This equation gives a total square footage per print which in turn gives a final price.

Automatic discounts

In addition automatic discounts are applied for the quantity or size of prints, this has to be multiples of the same print;

— over 3 sq ft  discount = 5%,
— over 6 sq ft discount = 10%
— over 9 sq ft discount = 15%

— for 50 sq ft discount = 50%

For Fast Track customers these are in addition to the automatic 15%. 

All discounts are capped at 50%.

Example prices for Moab Lasal 270gsm

Service | 

Dimensions  | 

Square foot | 

Quantity | 

Price per sq ft | 

Discount | 

Price per print | 

Total cost

Full service

11 x 14







Fast track

11 x 14







Fast track

11 x 14







Fast track

11 x 14








Rather than presenting you with a table to look up something that approximates what you want we have a calculator so that you can enter exactly the dimensions you want and the paper you want and get a clear price for what you want to print.

1. Enter your dimensions and quantity (in inches):

Height x Width = 0 Sq. Ft. x Quantity = Total 0 Sq. Ft.

2. Choose your paper:

Paper: $0 psf.

Cotton rag papers are generally matte, textured or smooth and resemble traditional printing papers. Photo papers resemble silver based photographic papers etc. We have almost 50 paper types in stock and a further 100 that are readily available.

3. Price:

FULL SERVICE :0 prints @ $0 each. Grand total = $0 (discount per print = 0% or $ 0)
FAST TRACK :0 prints @ $0 each. Grand total = $0 (discount per print = 0% or $0)
Each print before discounts is $ 0 Full price = $0

4. Terms: