Scanning is the best way to capture flat artwork in terms of resolution, detail and even lighting. What we add to this is the ultimate concern for color.

Flatbed scanning

We have a 2400 dpi, 11″ x 17″ flatbed scanner which is ideal for smaller works on paper or canvas. Larger works can be scanned as multi-part scans and then montaged together which provides a seamless image of the highest quality. Maximum artwork size 24″ x 36″.


We then spend time correcting the color of the scan to match it as closely as possible to the original artwork. Calibration can take you only so far the hard work of matching by eye is where skill and expertise take over.


$75 per scan

Multi-part scans:

 $75 for the first, and $37.50 for each subsequent scan.

Bulk order discounts are available.

Image top: Kelly Beeman scans for Edition Patrick Frey


Additional services

– Retouching work to remove backgrounds and maintain the natural edges of aa artwork.
  • – Retouching work to alter the content or to remove defects in the work.
  • – Scanning resolution above 600dpi will be charged for on a sliding scale and dependent upon final file size.

We will require your artwork to be kept here until the work of color matching and proofing is complete.



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